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Article e03


a.     Where the following terms are used in the UCP, for the purposes of applying the UCP to an electronic record presented under an eUCP credit, the         term:
i. appear on their face and the like shall apply to examination of the data content of an electronic record.
ii. document shall include an electronic record.
iii. place for presentation of electronic records means an electronic address.
iv. sign and the like shall include an electronic signature.
v. superimposed, notation or stamped means data content whose supplementary character is apparent in an electronic record.

b.     The following terms used in the eUCP shall have the following meanings:

i.     electronic record means
  • data created, generated, sent, communicated, received or stored by electronic means
  • that is capable of being authenticated as to the apparent identity of a sender and the apparent source of the data contained in it, and as to whether it has remained complete and unaltered, and
  • is capable of being examined for compliance with the terms and conditions of the eUCP credit.
        ii.     electronic signature means a data process attached to or logically associated with an electronic record and executed or adopted by a person                 in order to identify that person and to indicate that person's authentication of the electronic record.

        iii.     format means the data organization in which the electronic record is expressed or to which it refers.

        iv.     paper document means a document in a traditional paper form.

        v.      received means the time when an electronic record enters the information system of the applicable recipient in a form capable of being                     accepted by that system. Any acknowledgement of receipt does not imply acceptance or refusal of the electronic record under an eUCP                     credit.