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Article 06

Availability, Expiry Date and Place for Presentation

a.     A credit must state the bank with which it is available or whether it is available with any bank. A credit available with a nominated bank is also     available with the issuing bank.

b.     A credit must state whether it is available by sight payment, deferred payment, acceptance or negotiation.

c.     A credit must not be issued available by a draft drawn on the applicant.

d.     i. A credit must state an expiry date for presentation. An expiry date stated for honour or negotiation will be deemed to be an expiry date for presentation.

ii.     The place of the bank with which the credit is available is the place for presentation. The place for presentation under a credit available with any bank is that of any bank. A place for presentation other than that of the issuing bank is in addition to the place of the issuing bank.

e.     Except as provided in sub-article 29 (a), a presentation by or on behalf of the beneficiary must be made on or before the expiry date.