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Article 17

Original Documents and Copies

a.     At least one original of each document stipulated in the credit must be presented.

b.     A bank shall treat as an original any document bearing an apparently original signature, mark, stamp, or label of the issuer of the document, unless         the document itself indicates that it is not an original.

c.     Unless a document indicates otherwise, a bank will also accept a document as original if it:

        i.     appears to be written, typed, perforated or stamped by the document issuer’s hand; or

        ii.     appears to be on the document issuer’s original stationery; or

        iii.     states that it is original, unless the statement appears not to apply to the document presented.

d.     If a credit requires presentation of copies of documents, presentation of either originals or copies is permitted.

e.     If a credit requires presentation of multiple documents by using terms such as "in duplicate", "in two fold" or "in two copies", this will be satisfied     by the presentation of at least one original and the remaining number in copies, except when the document itself indicates otherwise.