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Article 18

Commercial Invoice

a.     A commercial invoice:

        i.     must appear to have been issued by the beneficiary (except as provided in article 38);

        ii.     must be made out in the name of the applicant (except as provided in subarticle 38 (g));

        iii.     must be made out in the same currency as the credit; and

        iv.     need not be signed.

b.     A nominated bank acting on its nomination, a confirming bank, if any, or the issuing bank may accept a commercial invoice issued for an amount in excess of the amount permitted by the credit, and its decision will be binding upon all parties, provided the bank in question has not honoured or negotiated for an amount in excess of that permitted by the credit.

c.     The description of the goods, services or performance in a commercial invoice must correspond with that appearing in the credit.